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Claims and Customer Care

While our teams are working remotely, our business continuity planning and virtual-office technologies ensure that our Claims and Customer Care teams remain fully operational. Policyholders can continue to submit claims and supporting documentation through our MyBenefits website or via fax as usual, and our Customer Care experts are equipped to process claims and respond to inquiries.

Business Continuity

Allstate Benefits has implemented business continuity procedures to support the following objectives:

  • Maximizing work from home: We are mandating maximum use of work from home options to support most of our domestic and global workforce, including Canada, Northern Ireland and India, until further notice. While doing so, our goal is to maintain normal productivity.
  • Reducing on-site workers: In line with reducing the number of employees in offices, we will be closing some support services, such as cafeterias, workout rooms and child care facilities.
  • Employee well-being: All Allstate Benefits employees have paid time off benefits and should use them as they always have, especially if they are sick. Working from home does not count as PTO.
  • Serving customers: We have proactively reached out to customers to explain changes in our procedures. We will continue to evaluate how we serve customers as the pandemic unfolds, with the goal of serving them while changing the way we work.