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Remote Enrollment Options

Due to the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic imposes on traditional face-to-face benefit enrollments, we are streamlining a number of remote enrollment options to help brokers, agents and benefit specialists continue to keep their customers in Good Hands. In addition to traditional paper applications, Allstate Benefits continues to offer the following alternatives:

Electronic Enrollments

Using the Allstate Benefits proprietary enrollment platform, EnrollMyWay®, producers can:

  • Enter previously taken paper applications into the enrollment system
  • Conduct phone interviews with applicants while entering their benefit choices
  • EnrollMyWay not available in NY

As an alternative to EnrollMyWay, producers can also leverage the BenSel platform as an interface to many employers’ own benefit administration systems and enter coverage choices in real time during phone-interview enrollments

Dedicated Call Center Enrollments

As always, our dedicated enrollment call center, AB Enroll, stands ready to create a customized enrollment process for core and voluntary products. AB Enroll focuses on employee benefits education to offer a high-touch, one-on-one consultative enrollment experience. A dedicated enrollment coordinator manages the process from pre-enrollment staffing, scheduling and training to post-enrollment reporting – ensuring an exceptional experience for employer groups across the country.

Benefit Acceptance and Verification

While these alternatives to face-to-face enrollments are not new, Allstate Benefits has made it easier to secure customer acceptance of their chosen coverages and capture and retain enrollment verifications. Newly implemented verification options include:

  • Securing digital signatures via remote co-browsing technologies
  • Verifying customer acceptance through retained voice or audio/ video recordings of enrollment interviews
  • Capturing customer acceptance with real-time Benefit Confirmation email approvals

For more information about our remote enrollment options and the minimum qualifications that producers should meet to be able to employ these alternatives to traditional benefit enrollments and verifications, please contact your Allstate Benefits Field Representative.