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COVID-19 Insights

Although there is plenty of useful information available in the public domain about COVID 19, PinnacleCare has been asked by Allstate Benefits to provide a deeper analysis of the situation and an inventory of credible sources of information to help you make wise decisions in a rapidly changing environment.

The Medical Intelligence Reports below represent a comprehensive review of PinnacleCare’s position on the status of the virus, its potential impact and steps required to limit contamination.

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PinnacleCare’s mission is to provide clients, members and business partners with the objective information, actionable advice and concierge support required to make the best healthcare decisions possible. PinnacleCare recognizes that securing appointments with top specialists has become more challenging in this environment and they are committed to continuing to advocate and facilitate appointments on our joint policy holders’ behalf.

As it relates to the coronavirus, PinnacleCare is prepared to answer questions about risk groups, symptoms, treatment options and requirements for testing. PinnacleCare is committed to staying abreast of all resources available. They can also help with advice on best practices for staying safe and avoiding exposure.

Please contact your Allstate Benefits representative to learn more about PinnacleCare.